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Concrete Batching

aggregate storage

batch plantNiagara Energy Products produces high density, radiation shielding concrete, onsite at its Niagara Falls, Ontario facility. Our proprietary recipe has an average density of between 3,500 kg/m3 and 3,700 kg/m3 and is exceptionally stable when exposed to environmental factors.

Our proprietary concrete recipe has been in use for over two decades and has proven to be a reliable and cost effective solution to meet any radiation shielding needs. If your application has no spatial constraints, our high density concrete is a far more economical solution than lead or steel based shielding.

Our aggregate storage and concrete batching plant are both located indoors and are environmentally controlled eliminating any sources of potential contamination. Each batch of concrete produced is tested against a battery of requirements ensuring that it meets the highest performance characteristics.

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4749 Buttrey Street
Niagara Falls ON L2E 7K7

* Formerly known as Taylor Forge for being involved in the nuclear market prior to 1995.